The Brewery Lwówek Śląski

Lwówek Śląski was assigned the city rights and the privilege to brew beer in 1209 by Henryk I Brodaty. In 1546 there were operating 74 malt-houses and 456 breweries in the middle-class houses. In 1571 the Town Council became an owner of one of the malt-houses. According to law, the town had a monopoly to sell beer within the one mile area, what sometimes caused conflicts with other breweries (the noble and the ones located in the other towns). The Order of Saint John opened their local brewery in 1580. The legend says that a monk once drowned in the tub and the brewed beer was better than ever. Moreover, the clients started to demand to “add a monk” to beer every time it was brewed.
The first municipal brewery was built before 1797. In 1871 it was bought by Juliusz Hohberg, who built a new brewery instead of the former one. Furthermore, he significantly extended the plant between 1882 and 1892 (the malt - house, a water intake and modern brewing devices including a steam machine used to produce ice). In 1921 the brewery was transformed into a Joint Stock Company called “J. Hohberg, Bierbrauebei und Malzfabrik A.G.”. At the end of 1945 the Polish authorities reopened the beer production in a newly re-established national enterprise.
In 1956 all German technical devices in the brewery were replaced with new and more efficient ones. In 1975 the brewery became a part of “Legnickie Zakłady Piwowarskie”.
In 1995 during the privatization process, there was a partnership called “Browary Karkonoskie” Joint Stock Company created in Lwówek Sląski, which went bankrupt in 1998. In 1999 the estate and  all  the  possessions  of  the  brewery  were  bought  by

Wolfgang Bauer, who opened the “Prywatny Browar Lwówek Śląski” (later called “Browar Śląski 1209”). Although the local beer was awarded many prizes, the financial situation became worse and worse and finally in 2007 the company went bankrupt. At the end of 2008 a significant part of the brewery was bought by the partnership of Marek Jakubiak called “Browar Ciechan”. He has modernized the plant and started to produce beer under the name of a new company “Browar Lwówek Śląski 1209”. The beer produced here is not pasteurized. It is brewed without any additional chemical supplements and it contains 6.2% of alcohol and 12.1% of extract.In July 2010 there was a museum of the Silesian brewing opened in the cellars of the brewery, which contains more than 400 exhibits, for instance: bottles and bottle caps, the devices used for making and storing beer (a refrigerator dated back to 1905); tankards, labels, sign-boards, barrels and boxes. The brewery is available for group sightseeing prior to obtaining permission. There is a didactic path leading from the brewing house via the beer storage cellar to the bottling plant.

Edited by Ivo Łaborewicz
Translation: Andrzej Rudkowski

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