The Gliding Factory, the Gliding Centre Góra Szybowcowa and the Jelenia Góra Aoeroclub’s Airport.

Good weather conditions and the landform features of the Jelenia Góra’s Valley gained attention of the German gliding aces: Gotfried Espenlaub and Edmund Schneider. In 1923 they established the Glider Pilots School in Jeżów Sudecki (former Grunau). It was a place, where so called “Karkonoska Mountain Wave” was discovered, which has a great positive impact on the gliding conditions. On 2nd March 1924 there was a first successful gliding flight accomplished. It lasted an hour and was done on the glider “Espenlaub V” built in Grunau. The Glider Pilots School soon became one of the most significant schools in Europe and the pilots’ achievements only strengthen their fame, for instance: in 1927 the take-offs from the slopes of Śnieżka Mountain, from above Śnieżne Kotły in Karkonosze and from Stóg Izerski. On the Galgenberg hill situated just above Jeżów Sudecki (it is called the Glider Airfield nowadays), there were air-sheds and buildings with supportive devices built. In 1928 there was a gliding factory created in Granau. It was established by Edmund Schneider, who later became a constructor of the famous “Grunau Baby” gliders. They were so popular because of their low price, efficiency, reliability and safety. Furthermore, they were produced in many countries and an estimated number of the various versions of the aforementioned gliders released on the international market was six thousand. After World War II, when the factory was taken over by the Polish administration, the gliders’ production was continued. Until 1993 there were 5085 gliders produced, out of which, 2762 were exported abroad. Until 1979 there were only wooden gliders produced which were afterwards replaced by the laminated ones. In January 2001 the factory was privatized and it is nowadays called the Gliding Factory “JEŻÓW” Henryk Młynarski. At present there are following gliders produced: SZD, PW-5 “SMYK”, PW-6.

Besides the gliders production, there are also plane parts and accessories produced such as wooden airscrew blades for “WILGA” and “JAK” planes. Furthermore, there are certified gliders’ repairs and services done as well.The factory is available for sightseeing prior to obtaining permission from the owner.

Just after World War II was over, there was the Polish Gliding School created in Jeżów Sudecki. On 27th January 1946 there was Jelenia Góra’s Aeroclub established, which became a host of the airport in Jelenia Góra and Jeżów Sudecki. There is an impressive panoramic view from the Góra Szybowcowa on the Jelenia Góra’s Valley, the Kaczawa and the Karkonosze Mountains. The slopes of the glider airfield are an excellent gliding spot for hang-glider and paraglider pilots.

The aeroclub organizes gliding and plane courses. The airport in Jeżów Sudecki is available for sightseeing prior to obtaining permission from its director. One can find there an air-shed, a control tower, a restaurant and a hotel.

The Jelenia Góra’s Valley is often referred to as the “diamond field”. It is associated with the possibility of obtaining diamonds for the professional sports Gliding Badges, which are awarded for the distant and overflow flights. Between 1948 and 2002, there were over one thousand diamonds for the Gliding Badges awarded altogether.

Edited by Andrzej Mateusiak
Translation: Andrzej Rudkowski


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