The Naděje Reservoir, Cvikov

The Naděje reservoir is a small period reservoir lying in the deep and inaccessible valley of the Hamr stream near the settlement of Naděje, 5km north of Cvikov. The Hamr stream rises below the summit of Ptačinec at 630m above sea level, one kilometer from Luže, the highest point in the Lusatian Hills. The entire catchment area is heavily forested.
The reservoir was built from 1937 – 38 to store water to drive the Hamr mill and sawmill in the village of Naděje and as an auxiliary water source for the Hamr stream spring, which supplied drinking water to the town of Varnsdorf. It was designed in 1936 by the design bureau of A. Niklas of Teplice and was granted planning permission by the Prague Land Register the same year on 4th October. Apart from the actual plans, all documents relating to the project have been lost except for one report from construction in November 1937, which offers material excavated for the dam foundations to repair local roads. Originally the dam was to be constructed from 1932 – 34. The oldest surviving document is a divers’ report of a survey of the dam undertaken in 1964.
Hamr mill lies approx. 300m below the reservoir, and was equipped with a water wheel six metres in diameter. The sawmill was located a further 500m away, its mill-race excavated into the sandstone with an 80m-long adit. At the end of the adit there was a concrete fountain with a Francis-type turbine producing 30hp (c.20kW).

Today there is a reservoir with a maximum volume of 33 000m3 extending to 1.2ha, which serves solely as a holding and surge facility. The structure is a 92m long quarried stone gravity arch dam with a surface elevation of 457.03m above sea level. The dam is 1.7m in width at its crest and 6.7m at its base, 9.5m above the foundation. The dam rests on bedrock foundations an average of 3m in depth. The spillway and curved concrete crest measures 32.8m in length and has a capacity of 37.5m3/s. Beneath the dam there is a large tiled stilling basin 1.5m in depth ending in a weir. There is a bottom 200mm diameter outlet pipe and a 500mm draw-off pipe located in an adit on the right side of the dam. 200m up from the reservoir there is a gravel dam 1.3m height, also faced with quarried stone. One of the interesting features nearby is the Ice Cave in the north-facing slopes of Suchý Vrch, the only one of its kind in the Czech Republic. The stunning landscapes of the Lusatian hills offer folk architecture which been preserved in timbered cottages, sandstone rocks and many walking and cycle paths. It is a great destination for a day out and is peaceful for a winter holiday – and there is skiing only two kilometers away below Luž.


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