The Bedřichov Reservoir, Black Neisse

The Bedřichov reservoir on the Black Neisse is the highest reservoir in the Jizera Mountains. The Black Neisse stream always used to cause exceptional damage to industrial property in its lower reaches during heavy and prolonged rainfall. For this reason a water board was founded in 1889 to construct flood protection and flow regulation mechanisms.
The reservoir was built from 1902 – 1905 by the Liberec Valley Reservoir Construction and Flow Regulation Water Board. The main design was by Aachen-based Dr Otto Intze together with Dr Leppl from Berlin. Construction was carried out by the Aeckerman firm, later joined by W. Relle & Neffe and W. Streitzig & Co.
The project was approved by the Imperial and Royal Ministry of Agriculture, Vienna in 1901, and Liberec district Hauptmann granted planning permission on 18th February, 1902. Later the same year excavations were begun. The reservoir was completed in December, 1905 and was officially opened on 28th June, 1906.
The dam is an Intze type arch gravity dam with a radius of curvature of 300m, the reservoir holding a maximum of 2.1 million m3 water. Two 600mm cast iron bottom

outlet pipes with total capacity of 5.73m3/sec located in lateral adits in the dam channel water flow from the dam. The outlets are controlled from the wet side of the dam with manually operated plates in the control towers. Flood waters are carried over two 8m wide crest spillways on the left flank of the dam.Since 1928 the reservoir has been part of a hydro-electric generating system which includes a 4.4km long adit and surge tank for the Rudolfov power station, and another smaller hydro plant. The entire complex is equipped with an interesting monitoring system enabling control of all elements. To support management of the system, the HYDROG mathematical model may be used here to simulate rainfall-runoff values for the Black Neisse catchment area.
The Canadian Government visited the reservoir in 1910 and called it Lake Canada in Czech. During the course of but a few years their comment became reality. The vicinity of the reservoir combined naturally with the surrounding forests and became part of the Jizera Mountains landscape, and has become a popular year-round destination for tourists.

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