The Ajeto Glassworks, Lindava 167

The glassworks is situated in a small village about 10km from Nový Bor, a town with a history of glassmaking in the Lusatian Hills. In the early 18th century the village of Lindava was part of the Kinsky estate and was closely connected to the development of glass and textile manufacture. The glassworks was built in 1992-4 on the foundations of the former Ignaze Richter textile mill, built in 1816 to make and dye corduroy. The original company logo of the former textile mill on the East wing is one of the few remaining fragments which hint at the history of the building. Glass production by partners Petr Novotný, Borek Šípek and technologist Libor Fafala in collaboration with a number of other glassmaking experts was begun in 1989 in a rented glassworks in Nový Bor. They concentrated their efforts on exclusive artistic commissions, the result of close collaboration between artist and craftsman. The gala opening of the new premises on 28th October, 1994 opened a new way forward for Czech glass on the foreign market. The Ajeto Glassworks has from its very beginnings participated in significant glass commissions both at home  and 

abroad. As the first manual glassworks in the world to replace traditional firing methods with new technology in 2009, the company is now able to produce top quality glass products. The work of the glassmaking experts here and their high levels of craftwork have helped make Ajeto a unique place, sought after by world renowned artists working with glass, architects, designers and other artists. It offers a unique opportunity to view the art of glassmaking and listen to expert commentary on how searing molten mass is transformed into beautiful fragile glass. Visitors are invited to try out the craft of the glassmaker and using the glass blowpipe create their first glass object. It is an unforgettable experience to sit in the glassworks restaurant, where the diner becomes an eyewitness to the art of glassmaking, which follows in the footsteps of the glassmaker’s art. The Ajeto glassworks has received great acclaim both at home and abroad for its unique decorative glass and glass jewels. This is the reward for the hard work and artistry of the Lindava glassmakers, who continue to keep alive the tradition of Czech glass.

Edited by OHK v Jablonci nad Nisou
Translation: EDUCA – vzdělávací centrum, s.r.o., Jablonec nad Nisou



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