The Chotyně Spa

Chotyně is one of the villages in the Hrádek area that is being rediscovered and newly discovered from the perspective of its attraction. There are interesting points of history here that were lost with the relocation of the original population after the Second World War.
For those interested in the spas of the Frýdlant Promontory we should therefore mention the once famous, if small Wartburg spa in Chotyně, which would have been found on the right-hand side of the road to Jitrava. At the end of the 19th century, at a time when many small spas and treatment institutes were opened, Antonín Habenicht chose a magical place on the slope of a hill with a spring on which to build such a facility. Here in 1890 he built a structure more akin to a tourist chalet. The air here, the good food and the curative mineral water, with its specific colour, soon attracted  the  interest of  society  at  large. Professor  Janovský  from Liberec,  who

examined the composition of the mineral water from the spring by chemical analysis, discovered that the water contained orthosilicate acid, iron carbonate, sodium sulphate and many other compounds. Based on this analysis the ferrous mineral water of Chotyně was recommended for the treatment of rheumatism, anaemia, headaches and nervous disorders. The tourist chalet was therefore rebuilt as a treatment institute, which according to period advertisements had three inn rooms, 6 rooms for guests, 10 baths and a small pool. The small spa found it difficult to compete with the big institutions, such as today’s Opolno – Zdroj in Poland, Libverda or Kundratice, and so it soon closed. The spa villa slowly fell into disrepair and had to be demolished. Only a small spring of mineral water disappearing into the River Nisa and a yellowed kerb remain, now concealed among bushes by the road.

Edited by OHK v Jablonci nad Nisou
Translation: EDUCA – vzdělávací centrum, s.r.o., Jablonec nad Nisou