Tanvald – Kořenov – Harrachov, Kořenov Rack-Railway Museum

The Tanvald Railway Trust (Železniční společnost o. p. s. Tanvald) operates a permanent exhibition in the Kořenov railway station, which documents one of the most interesting routes in the entire Czech Republic. The section between Tanvald and Kořenov is unique to Czech railways. The line climbs a gradient of up to 58 ‰ and some sections of the line are equipped with Abton rack rails. Rack railways are impressive technical railway achievements both in the Czech Republic and elsewhere in the world. They are built to allow trains to operate on steep gradients. Many railways abroad have been converted to adhesion systems as a result of improved traction systems. The rack rail is then removed or remains for use by historic cog locomotives. The last standard-gauge non-electric rack railway in regular service ran from Tanvald to Kořenov until 1988, when the line was converted to an adhesion system  and  cog locomotives only operate on special excursions. On 30th June,  1902

the rack railway was put into service, catering both for passenger and freight trains. It was designed and operated by the private Liberec – Jablonec – Tanvald railway company until nationalization in 1930. It was the last major project undertaken by the company which had since 1888 built the line from Liberec to Tanvald, including branch lines, primarily to serve growing industrial development. Construction was undertaken by Berlin based Vereinigte Eisenbahnbau und Betriebsgesellschaft and supervised by Josef Salinger. Thanks to protracted negotiations and the Austro-Prussian Inter-Governmental Decree, signed on 5th November, 1898, construction work began the next year. On the Prussian side, a railway had already been in operation from 1881, from Hirschberg to Petersdorf, to which the Tanvald – Kořenov section, after the gala opening 1st October, 1902, was connected. In 1992 the railway was declared a national monument.

Edited by OHK v Jablonci nad Nisou
Translation: EDUCA – vzdělávací centrum, s.r.o., Jablonec nad Nisou 


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